Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reading Corner ~ Book 1 of 12

I'm starting a new regular blog piece like my "Let's Do 52" and "Sunday Survey" ones.  This one I'll  be using to review all the books I read this year.  My goal was one book a month for the entire year, and so far I'm doing really good!  I just finished my first book, and I'm excited to move on to my second.

Summer at Willow Lake - by: Susan Wiggs


Camp Kioga means many things to many people. For Olivia Bellamy, whose family operated the camp in the Catskills, it's all about bad memories. Although she was just as rich as the other attendees, she was never as pretty or thin or self-assured. The only thing that kept her from being completely miserable was the arrival each summer of Connor Davis. For Connor, the camp took him away from a life far different than Olivia's and showed him how life could be. Connor and Olivia finally have a relationship, which seems to scar her heart. Years later, a slimmed-down, professional Olivia is asked by her grandmother to prepare the camp for her fiftieth wedding anniversary. Connor is still in the area, and as soon as she hires him to help with the project, feelings arise on both sides. How good is perennially popular Wiggs in her new romance? Superb. Wonderfully evoked characters, a spellbinding story line, and insights into the human condition will appeal to every reader. Maria Hatton
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This book is the first of eight (I believe there are eight) books in a series.  I really enjoyed reading this one.  It was a pretty easy read and pretty predictable, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.  I can't wait to move on to the rest of the books in the series, but they are going to be taking a back seat for right now because after my friend, Jessica, referred The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins to me, and then I had a number of other friends confirm just how good it really is, I'm gonna switch over and read the first book in the Hunger Games series.  :)

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